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전체보기 해외로케이션 룩북 3ce 스토어스케치 이벤트현장 etc

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  • moonaetae 2016-11-25 0points
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    Spam I really liked this tutorial! I thought the tip about the brows was very helpful because I'm not always able to draw my eyebrows nicely. I never thought about using the pupil as a mark but now I am! Thanks for the nice tutorial Soo-ah, keep making more please!
  • melissaphu03011 2016-11-25 0points
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    Spam This tutorial is brief but very informative!! I love how she applies mascara on her bottom lashes so cleanly. Next time, Soo-ah should try putting her eyeliner on only half her eye, not to her tear duct. Starting the eyeliner from half way can make her eyes look more even.
  • teresav 2016-11-25 0points
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    Spam Sooah, you should call this makeup look "marmalade girl" and make it your orange-coral-pink makeup trend!! Seriously so lovely how the eye makeup matched the lips because they're both a soft apricot-like shade. I also liked the fact you wore green contacts and complimented the green with pink (as an art student this was aesthetically pleasing to my soul). Anyhow, I'm most surprised with the way you highlighted and contoured?! Because with Caucasians, there's only one standard of contouring and highlighting (e.g. contours heavily under the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead/highlights heavy on the cheekbone and nose bridge) which never really suited me as an Asian! So I can't wait to do minimal contouring and highlighting the way you did because hopefully it'll suit my features much better. In all honesty I have the very same contour stick you used, but all I used it for was under my cheekbone and jawline since I wasn't confident with Caucasian contouring (now I'm super excited thanks to this tutorial). I really hope you'd (Sooah) do another makeup tutorial next fall since the marmalade-coral colour palette suits you so much! I really love it!
  • kamal 2016-11-25 0points
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    Spam i really like her final look, I thought it wasn't real and then when I saw it almost fall I died a little,I need a thousand steps of Makeup to look good and you just put 4 Things on and look gorgerous! haha
  • shamlana12 2016-11-26 0points
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    Spam Hey Sooah, Iam just in love with this makeup look, it's definitely my style. I just love the whole mood recipe collection, and I think you did a very great job demonstrating this look through your toturial ( would love to see more). My Favorite part of this look is definitely the cheeks and eyes. I love how you used the 3CE blushed kit, I think it's the perfect orange-coral color for this look. I really love love love your eyeliner, I mean come on it's the fleekiest eyeliner ever 😍👌. The shadow was also perfect, it was definitely a main highlight to this look, it's what made the eyes pop. The lip color was gorgeous omg I need it although it might not suit me. Next time can you make a video about skincare tips??? Thank you Sooah, would love to see more of your makeup tutorials.
  • vanxvan97 2016-11-26 0points
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    Spam the makeup is so pretty and simple!! it is perfect for everyday and for the fall time. keep doing these tutorials sooah, it was fun to watch. also,it makes us fans love you more because you make this makeup tutorial. good love and love you!!
  • RuiSun 2016-11-26 0points
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    Spam The Mood Recipe Collection just gets me so much. I coudn't pick a favourite product from this collection cuz I love them all! Amazing colour choice and very good quality. I've been enjoying using the products from this collection. This tutorial is very helpful! It's absolutely a perfect fall look! Wanting to watch more videos like this! Thank you stylenanda for never lets me down! Keep up the good work. Love you!!!!!
  • jayteelam 2016-11-26 0points
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    Spam I first bought a few of the mood recipe collection during my visit to Korea last month! Im glad i went during fall season & managed to pick up this awesome collection. After seeing the tutorial, i can now happily experiment mine by doing this pretty fall makeup look. Lovely tutorial done thank you stylenanda!
  • stefcl4iretan 2016-11-26 0points
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    Spam I was very happy when this tutorial came out as i loved the Mood Recipe Collection and always wanted someone to come up with a tutorial with this collection. It is a really simple and helpful tutorial! Soo ah did a very good job with this tutorial :-) Keep up the good work and hope to see more tutorials from you soon! xoxo
  • Bonjourpar1s 2016-11-26 0points
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    Spam I absolutely adore sooah's short and cute makeup tutorial that was so simple to follow along! Now I'm very tempted to buy the Mood Recipe Collection and I love the "fall" feel to it. Also, (this is off topic) I always wanted to try the short bangs style and sooah totally rocked it, now I have to get short bangs (lol). Overall, Stylenanda never disappoints me and I loved this tutorial and I hope to see more amazing videos from you sooah!!! ☆♥︎☆
  • anoushkakate 2016-11-26 0points
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    Spam Really enjoyed this tutorial 😜, It wasn't too long and was extreamly easy to follow. I liked that you included a picture and name of each product so you know exactly what she was using and how to use it. I've always been a fan of stylenanda as a fashion brand and never got round to trying the makeup but after watching this I will definitly give It a go. Anyway, Great video Loved the music and Hope to see more tutorials in the future ❤
  • angelalin 2016-11-27 0points
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    Spam i love this tutorial so much! sooah is stunning and i'm so happy that she did this tutorial for us. i really want the items in this collection! super pretty and these tutorials are amazing.
  • Vivian Nicole 2016-11-27 0points
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    Spam This tutorial was very helpful! I've only recently started looking into makeup tutorials and I definitely think this one is a nice everyday "fall-inspired" look. I appreciated the tips on contouring, because living in America, there is so many contouring tutorials that are simply too much. This natural yet vibrant look is very appealing and I would definitely love to add these products to my wish list! Very nice tutorial Sooah!
  • Karina Juarez 2016-11-27 0points
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    Spam I really loved this tutorial! it seriously made me wanna buy everything used in this video. The look was very beautiful yet simple, it made me feel like anyone could do this look. The way the video is edited and put together is nice, as well as the names and prices of products used. I think SooAh did an amazing job at explaining this beautiful look! I especially loved the eye makeup, it made me feel like i didn't really need to do too much to have that amazing eye look too!! I can't wait to see more of SooAh's tutorials! :)
  • ahkoo96 2016-11-28 0points
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    Spam Sooah got a nice smile, I love her make up too as she really makes the best of using 3CE products with these quick and easy tips! :3

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